Getting Ready For A Missions Trip? 8 Things you can’t forget

Your on-you bag (usually a travel wallet/pouch) is what holds your most important items as you travel. These items should pretty much never leave your body during your trip. Seriously. Let’s face it . . . We’re all human and prone to losing items, especially as we travel. (How many times have you accidentally left your cell phone charger in a hotel room?) Losing your phone charger won’t ruin your trip. But losing your passport? Well, that’s a much larger hiccup. Below you’ll find the items you should include in your on-you bag.

  1. PASSPORT This is your single most important item while traveling!
  2. DRIVER’S LICENSE Bring your driver’s license. You may be asked to present multiple forms of identification during your trip.
  3. AIRLINE TICKETS . . . Unless you plan on swimming.
  4. TRAVEL VISA A visa is what allows you to stay in a country for a specific amount of time. Depending on the country, sometimes you need to get the visa before you travel and sometimes you get the visa upon arriving at your destination (and some countries have no visa requirements at all).
  5. VACCINATION CERTIFICATE Some countries ask to see your vaccination certificate (usually a yellow booklet that you receive when you get a vaccination) upon entry. Pack this with you just in case they ask for it!
  6. DEBIT CARD Some of the most remote corners of the world have ATM machines. If your mission trip hits any financial bumps along the way, accessing cash quickly using your debit card can be helpful. However, you don’t want to add unneeded stress to your trip by losing your debit card, so be sure to keep it in your on-you bag.
  7. CASH A $20 bill can buy everything from a taxi ride to basic medical treatment, to souvenirs.
  8. Tip: Carry about $20 worth of local currency as well, for the same reason. Carrying both US currency and the local currency will keep your bases covered, no matter who you’re dealing with.
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